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Huntance Fruit & Vegetables  -  Zucchine Romanesche

"Left the sea, soon we reached the beautiful plain of Fondi. Nothing is more charming than this little region of fertile land, surrounded by not too wild mountains. Yet almost everywhere oranges hanging from the trees; the corn, all wheat, are green; in the fields the olive trees, down the town.”

- Johann Wolfgang Goethe - Italian Journey -

Genuine Accuracy

Behind the expression of " Italian Moods " following a thorough search of products that arouse emotions to the palate

Huntance Fruit & Vegetables  -  Runner Beans
Huntance Fruit & Vegetables  -  Boston Lettuce

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"And then, I have the nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what can I ask for?" 

​- Vincent van Gogh -

Huntance Fruit & Vegetables  -  Cherry Tomato in Vine