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"Ogni cosa che puoi immaginare, la natura l’ha già creata" 
​"Everything you can imagine, nature has already created

​​ -  Albert Einstein - 

About   Huntance

Formed in June of 2015, Huntance ltd is a new company  that traces its origins from the need of two friends, Antonio and Enzo, to make known the true Italian tradition, from produce grown in their homeland, to the values that have been handed down by their parents and grandparents, delicious traditional dishes.
Huntance ltd  is committed to offering genuine, toothsome and appetising products. In the fruit and vegetable sector for three generations, Huntance Fruit&Veg’s focus is on the expression of  "Italian Moods™ " following a thorough research of fresh products that arouse emotions to the palate. ​

Huntance Fruit & Vegetables - 100% Grown in Italy

​Huntance ltd stands as a link between the cycle of production and sales; It focuses attention on the organization evolved, focused towards all services related to the achievement of a high level  of loyalty and satisfaction of suppliers and customers users.
 We have promoted products supplied by the Italian agricultural cooperatives based in Central Italy.
Our plants are grown near the sea in favourable conditions to create a microclimate in their ideal, in the fantastic scenery of the Riviera di Ulisse.​

We at Huntance ltd remains committed insourcing fresh and genuine products from Italy,Fruit & Vegetables & Beyond! 

The products come from a constant and tireless efforts, and continued research aimed at offer our customers the best.

Our plants are grown near the sea in favourable conditions, creating a microclimate in their ideal, in the fantastic scenery of the Riviera di Ulisse.

Our growers have entrusted technicians to the supervision of the production  in agriculture with greater product traceability.
The products used for crops are of natural origin , are NOT used chemicals ​

  The wholesale supplier of Italian Fruits & Vegetables in Europe and UK, and available to supply nationwide. In all, Huntance Fruit&Veg is responsible for the promotion and sale of Italian fruit and vegetables, to stimulate the feelings of how Italian Moods™ is amazing to the world!
We at Huntance Fruit&Veg are currently available to expand the fresh Italian fruits and vegetable supplying, bring in new product categories, insight and inspire winning sales delivery strategies and developing products to meet diverse "mood needs".​

Il sapore del Cuore Italiano - Huntance Fruit & Veg


"Do not persecute and never disappoint your similar to his religion. Respect what he believes, if you want him to respect you"


"When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money"


"The trees are the pillars of the world, when the last tree will be cut down, the sky will fall on us"